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Generally the youngest we accept students is 7 years of age, but exceptions can be made depending on the student's ability to focus through a full class. There is no upper age limit!

We welcome new students of all levels of experience, from first-timers to life-longers.

Because we are a relatively no-contact training style of martial art, all ages and ranks train together. However, there are times set apart during classes where more advanced students are able to learn and practice higher-level techniques.


For a monthly fee of $50 students can train at any or all of our classes each week (class times are listed below).

We don't have any long-term contracts - all our students pay month to month. If after a month of training you decide that karate just isn't for you, then at least you haven't paid for 5 more months! And if you need to take time away from training over the summer or Christmas holidays, just let us know - we'll suspend your monthly fees and you can start paying again when you're ready to return.

We offer a 20% family discount for any direct family members of an active student. So for example, a student will pay $50/month to train and their immediate family members will pay $40 each.


Students pay an annual fee for membership in our National Organization - the JKA-SKD Canada. This fee won't be applied until your second month of training.

Three times per year (every 4 months) we hold a series of special training seminars and rank testing at a small fee.

Uniforms (called a gi) can be purchased through us, as well as hand pads and a basic mouth guard (which aren't needed right away). At your first class we can size you for your new gi.